The tricky thing about motivation is that it comes and goes and presents it’s self as stronger or weaker depending on the day, hour, or minute.  Often times when we let emotion, exhaustion or expectations alter our opinions and thoughts there is a shift in our motivation, and not in a good way!  

The same voice that says “you can do this” can be the one moments later planting seeds of doubt.  Your mind is a powerful thing, use it to your advantage and start reprogramming all of the negative self-talk.  Look for it and when you hear it, silence it! Then begin to reframe it; flip every negative thought into something positive and repeat it out loud if you have to.  It can seem silly and honestly it takes practice, but eventually you will become more in tune with yourself and you will see all that you are capable of with a little convincing. 

Up until recently I have been more focused on changing my body, without paying enough attention to my mind and soul.  I have realized a few things of late which have lead me to shake up my motivation.  Despite my desire to not become obsessed with the scale, I recognized that the number was having a negative effect on my progress and no longer motivating me.  So, I came up with a simple solutions and I stopped monitoring my physical progress through numbers; no scale, no measurements, no body fat percentages.  All physical progress is now measured through weekly pictures and since making that decision I feel more driven and focused on my goals than ever before.      

I’ve also recognized that I have a real problem with sugar.  I crave it pretty badly at times and when I tell myself that I’m just going to have one small cheat I lose all control and go way overboard… every time!  So being that even if I tell myself I can handle just a little I know that I cannot, so now I tell myself “I don’t even like chocolate” instead.  I also do not love the gym but I like how I feel after I get a workout in.  In fact, my best workouts lately have been the ones I show up for with the mission in mind to just get it over with; I end up going harder and faster than any other day.  On days when I really struggle to stay motivated I have told myself that I can quit tomorrow but first I must go out with a bang and have one great last day on plan.  Of course I end up making it through the day and start the next prouder and more determined.  

In order to overcome my self-doubt and negative talk I have had to get pretty creative at times.  With every successful reframe I become stronger and more motivated.  Whatever you need to hear to stay on track is what you should be telling yourself.  Remind yourself often of how far you have come and all that you are deserving of.  When you are operating from a place where your mind, body and soul are connected it will be way easier to stay motivated. 

“You’re already stuck with yourself for a lifetime. Why not improve the relationship?” –  Vironika Tugaleva