When you change the way you are; and I don’t mean short term superficial changes, I mean down to the core of your existence changes where you improve your overall well-being, everything around you will begin to shift and change.  The more conviction you have to the change the stronger the shifts will be.


When I first started my transformation journey my only goal was to look fit.  I had NO IDEA what it would really entail.  It has become a transformation and healing of my soul, a change in my perspective about life and what matters most, a change in my relationship with my body, a change in my relationship with food, a change in my relationships with family and friends, a return of my self-esteem and self-confidence, a new appreciation and love for my body, and an awakening of purpose and peace within my soul.  To say it has been a major overhaul would be an understatement.


As things around me began to shift it felt super uncomfortable and scary.  I thought I would become a totally different person, but what actually happened was that all of the strength and positive characteristics that I already possessed (but had buried over the years) resurfaced and moved to the forefront.  What I have experienced at his fullest is an energy shift.  I have always believed that the energy you put out into the universe; how you treat others and present yourself, is the energy that comes back to you. The same occurs when you send positive vibes inwards; unconditional self-love and acceptance will light your soul on fire! That light will have nowhere to go but to the those fortunate enough to be around you.


As incredible as the shifts and changes in my life have been, it didn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to heal and when you are working through years of shitty relationships, trauma, loss and pain you need to give yourself permission to take all the time that you need.  There has been a lot of back and forth in my journey but as I have said before, there are many different ways to measure progress, most of which cannot be seen.  It is important to trust yourself and allow your intuition to guide you, it will never steer you wrong.


When everything around you begins to shift in your life, it becomes impossible for other people around you not to notice or be affected in some way.  Hopefully your intentions and growth are met with nothing but love and support from the people in your life.  The truth is, the shift that you will create will make the people around you feel like they also need to change.  You will create a wave of momentum like ripples through the water that will not go unnoticed and it will either be met with excitement and motivate others, or it will be met with various forms of negativity.  I have had people in my life react both ways.  Let me be clear that I haven’t in any way overtly told anyone that they need to address their own sh*t or make changes in their life, I recognize that is not possible until you are ready and decide on your own to move forward.  You cannot force anyone to change, just like you cannot control their reaction to your change.  You may need to decide whether or not certain people should remain in your tribe, but ultimately that person will decide for you.  Change or progression is like my psychologist says, (yes, I have an entire team!) is like holding up a giant mirror for other people to see all of their own issues.  Two things can come from that: a) they will accept your patience and love and embark on a journey of their own or b) they will put as much distance between you and themselves as possible so that they don’t have to even glance in the mirror. Trust that whatever is meant to be will be and know that if someone cannot handle the best version of yourself, that is their issue and not yours.  Do not dim your light for anyone! Move through life with love and compassion and positive vibes and it will all come back to you and more.



“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”  Mother Teresa