Can we actually start supporting one another? Instead of JUST re-posting all the meme’s and wearing the t-shirts? I cannot be the only one noticing the lip-service and lack of genuine support and encouragement we offer one another.  I don’t feel this is something we are doing intentionally, but it is hard to not compare ourselves to others and be envious when so much of what we let others see about our lives is superficial and over filtered.  Humans require connection, real human connection. It is time to be unapologetically imperfect, to let our authentic selves shine, to be open and accepting that none of us are without flaws.

I am the first to admit that in theory I fully support women helping women, but I will go to great lengths to avoid asking for help or support.  I believe the notion itself is flawed because it hasn’t provided any space for admitting imperfections, it’s a contradiction because how can you offer genuine support and encouragement to someone who has been conditioned to show the world that they have everything under control? The truth is that everyone faces challenges, the world is designed this way so that we can learn and grow.  Pay attention to the lessons you are meant to learn.  Everyone has their own path and their own strengths, resulting in something special to offer.  Invite the support, people will be willing to help you! but you have to ask for it and position yourself to be open to it.  Turn your envy into awe and your self-doubt into pride and belief in yourself.       

If you want what someone else has then spend time with them, surround yourself with like-minded people, learn from them, congratulate them, let them inspire you – immerse yourself in their glory.  People come into our lives for a reason.  It is important to be guided by pure intention; no judgment, no jealousy, no comparisons.  There is space for all of us and when we work together and genuinely support one another we can rise higher than on our own.  

If you want to be successful than spend time with people who are succeeding in your field.  If you want to be healthy and fit than spend time learning and being inspired by your healthy fit friends.  If you want to be a more patient parent, then plan a play date with the moms in your life who appear to have an abundance of patience. If you want to do better with time management then schedule a coffee date with someone who juggles life effortlessly and hear how they make it happen.  We can all learn from each other.

Be clear about what you need.  Accept your imperfections for they are what make you unique, and be honest about what areas you would like to improve.  Use your strengths to help others; what we put out into the universe always comes back to us. If you see a friend struggling, ask how you can help and be specific; commit to lending a hand and follow through with grace, understanding and love.  If we are going to continue fortifying a movement of women supporting women then we need to show up with our authentic selves and positive intentions.